We are a Brand Building Company that can help you grab the attention of the masses and grow your bottom line. We help companies and individuals develop long-lasting brands along with powerful and authentic media identities.

We strategize with our clients to help build their brands up to the highest level, as well as work with them to craft and deliver the ultimate experience to their clients and customers using social media, marketing, advertising, and content creation for an overall cohesive brand communication.


*Brand Building/Marketing Consulting – $85/hr
*Accountability Coach – $85/hr
*Content Creation – Script – $50/pg | Directing – $150/hr|$650 half|$1200 full day


We work with you to create the ‘visual voice of your company’. We do this by crafting a story that is authentically and uniquely yours which will help you stand out among your competitors, and bring the promise of your company to life for your clients and customers.  We then create bold strategies and processes for getting this message out to the world through social media, other marketing tools, content creation and advertising.


We work with you to set up strategies, processes ad structure to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself each week. If nothing else we can be the cheerleader you need to make those big leaps in your career and business. We also will help you move through limiting beliefs and create program designed specifically for you to help you reprogram any limiting thoughts. (Check out my books: Affirming Life and Affirming Business on Amazon!)


With over twenty years experience in the film and television industry, we can help you craft your message and then can be hired on to direct the project.  Sheree is an award winning writer and director and can bring this experience to any print and video content project you or your company wants to create.


Start-ups and Small Business Entrepreneurs
Entertainment and Art Industry Professionals
Fashion and Retail


Sheree L. Ross @womenfilmofcolr.jpg

Sheree L. Ross is an award winning screenwriter, director and author of; Affirming Life: A Daily Meditation and Affirming Business: For Career and Entrepreneurial Excellence.  She is the founder of BrandCandy and the popular marketing twitter platform for Women Filmmakers of Color @womenfilmocolr. She was the fashion and marketing advisor for the revolutionary clothing brand Saint Harridan – a masculine clothing and accessories company and has a business degree in marketing.

“I’m a storyteller.
When you look at all the parts of who I am; author, musician, artist, screenwriter, director, brand marketing specialist…they all boil down to one idea. Storytelling. This is how you brand.  Find the common story and tell it authentically so that people understand who you are, what your product or service is, and how it can solve their problem or benefit them in some way.  I can tell you I’m a storyteller because everything I do – from my art to consulting – comes down to this one thing. I’m a storyteller. Let me help you tell your brand story.”

Ready to get started?  eennss2@gmail.com.